Founded on the steps of Rotterdam in 2011 as JR & the Mutations, the band played on various venues like the finals on de Grote Prijs van Zuid-Holland (2012), the opening of Grand Central Station Rotterdam (2014), support act for Mini Mansions (USA 2012).


In 2016 the development of their sound underwent radical changes in contrast with their debut season, in which they emphasized a more poppy approach with influences from the Beatles and David Bowie.

But keeping in mind the complex structures they use for their compositions, they constantly experiment with different influences ranging from the likes of Led Zeppelin, Santana, Frank Zappa, and even classical music and still make it workable and interesting.


People who attend a Mutations gig describe their sound as a seventies oriented rock show with an underlying psychedelic texture. Mutations present their music as ‘visual ’ by which the music during a show encourages a narrative in which the listener can join their journey.


Mutations in 2018 will present their second album coming out in May  2018 which is produced by Henk Koorn (Hallo Venray engineered by Niek Driesschen (JC Thomas & the Missing Slippers) and mastered by Emil van Steenwijk (Fuck the Writer)


Moving Images




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